IndigoAMPP is a distribution of Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl for Windows.

IndigoAMPP is easy to install and to use – just download, and run the installer. Apache will be configured to work with MySQL, Perl and PHP. IndigoAMPP is free.


Download IndigoAMPP V10.08

Updated Jan 4, 2011 (56MB)

With Apache 2.2.15, MySQL 5.1.30, Perl 5.12.1 and PHP 5.2.8


IndigoAMPP comes with with following components

* Apache – Configured to run Perl and PHP scripts. Includes mod_perl and mod_ssl
* Perl
* Indigo Perl Package Manager
* IndigoAMPP Monitor – a tray-icon tool that allows you start stop the Apache and MySQL servers. Also provides visible indication to show when the servers are running.
* phpMyAdmin (56MB) Updated Jan 4, 2011


1. Download and run the Windows installer.

2. In will prompt you for the installation directory, which by default is “C:\indigoampp”

To uninstall click on Start, All Programs, IndigoAMPP, Unistall, or use the Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs.

System requirements:
Windows 32-bit or 64-bit systems, including Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista or newer
Windows 95, 98 or ME are not supported

Using the Apache Web Server

IndigoAMPP comes with an Apache web server that is preconfigured to work with MySQL, Perl and PHP.

Place your html documents in the apache\htdocs directory and your scripts in the apache\cgi-bin directory.  Use the html and cgi samples as a starting point for your website. Your perlscripts should start with a line that looks something like this: “#!C:\indigoampp\perl-5.10.0\perl” or “#!perl”

Using mod_perl

Any files with a .pl or .cgi extension and placed in the apache htdocs directory will be served using mod_perl

Using SSL

Using SSL allows the Apache server to service secure requests that start with “https://”.  Apache is already preconfigured to server SSL requests.  You will need to replace the dummy files apache\conf\server.crt and apache\conf\server.key with real ones otherwise the browser will display a warning messages about the server certificate not being valid.  For testing you can ignore the error.

Starting and stopping Apache and MySQL

Apache and MySQL are installed as services that will start up on demand.  To start Apache and MySQL start the IndigoAMPP monitor tool by clicking on Start, IndigoAMPP, IndigoAMPP Monitor.  The monitor will start Apache and MySQL and remain in the system tray.

To stop Apache and MySQL right-click on the IndigoAMPP monitor tool in the system tray and click on exit.

Indigo Package Manager (IPM)

The Indigo Package Manager (IPM) provides a command line interface for installing Perl modules.  The pre-built modules are downloaded from a one of the configured repositories.

To run IPM and to see a help summary run the following command from a DOS window: ‘ipm help’.

ipm search Digest    # search for all packages that contain ‘Digest’ in the package name
ipm install Digest-MD4    # install Digest::MD4
ipm remove Digest-MD4    # uninstall Digest::MD4

If you access the internet through a firewall or proxy you will need to set the following environment variables:

Set HTTP_proxy to your proxy server name and port in the format: “http://proxy:8080” .

If you require a user name and/or password to access your proxy, set HTTP_proxy_user and HTTP_proxy_pass to your user name and password.


The intent of this document is to state the conditions under which IndigoAMPP may be copied and distributed.

1. You may use IndigoAMPP for commercial or non-commercial purposes without charge.

2. You may apply bug fixes, portability fixes and install additional modules. A package modified in such a way shall still be covered by the terms of this license.

3. You may make and give away copies of IndigoAMPP for personal use, or for use within your organization.

4. You may not distribute copies of IndigoAMPP or components derived from IndigoAMPP to others outside your organization without specific prior written permission from IndigoStar Software.

5. IndigoStar Software’s name and trademarks may not be used to endorse or promote packages derived from IndigoAMPP without specific prior written permission from IndigoStar Software.


Release History

V10.08 Dec 16 2011
Supports Apache 2.2.15, MySQL 5.1.30, Perl 5.12.1 and PHP 5.2.8
Bugfix: Apache and Mysql services do not start on Windows 7
Bugfix: Warning message about incorrect Apace service path
Bugfix: Package manger IPM does not install packages
The monitor windows should be shown as a window instead of minimized to system tray

V10.07 July 24 2010

Supports Apache 2.2.15, MySQL 5.1.30, Perl 5.12.1 and PHP 5.2.8

V9.04 Apr 8 2009
Allow installation in directory path containing spaces
 – by quoting Loadmodule mod_perl path
Minor fixes to IPM
Add mysqldump.exe to mysql bin directory
Fix Perl documentation link

V9.02 Feb 9 2009
Initial release